The Sympathetic Piano: v2.9 and v3.0 released

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Hi all, it’s been a second, and I never got around to announcing v2.9, so what better time than with the release of v3.0, which is a big one! Versions 3.0/2.9 include: a new Resonance preparation, inspired by the sympathetic resonance in acoustic pianos an equalizer on the output, to tailor the sound of bitKlavier […]


Camila Streuly and the Mikroetudes

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A few years ago I invited a number of composers to make new pieces for bitKlavier, with the loose model of Bartók’s Mikrokosmos as a starting point; the Mikroetudes turned into a delightful collection of widely varying pieces, and have served as a natural introduction to the instrument. Camila Streuly, a student of Cristina Altamura‘s, […]


Computer Music Journal Papers

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We have two substantial papers about bitKlavier coming out in the Computer Music Journal, summer of ’20. Included here are pre-published versions, along with media examples for the figures: “Preparing the Digital Piano: Introducing bitKlavier.” Dan Trueman and Michael Mulshine. Computer Music Journal, Vol. 43, Nos. 2-3 (2019) “Tuning Playfully: Composed and Adaptive Tunings in […]