In Action

“The études, some fast and virtuosic, others spare and introspective, unfolded to beautiful and haunting effect in a haze of pitch-bending, echoes, distorted rhythms and eerie timbres.”
—Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times

Cristina Altamura playing Inside Out, a recent piece by Dan Trueman for bitKlavier; she basically plays the same pattern throughout, and the instrument changes around her as she plays:

bitKlavier was created during the composition process of Nostalgic Synchronic, eight etudes for prepared digital piano, by Dan Trueman. This one, Marbles, is inspired by the rubber rubble left behind on automobile racetracks, and it feels a bit like a driving a racecar to play:

Systerslått is a transmogrification of a traditional Norwegian fiddle tune of the same name, and features a wobbly pulse inspired by the Norwegian telespringar dance:

This next was the first one Dan wrote for the instrument:

Listen to the entire album on Bandcamp: